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Obsessed much with Julianne Hough’s backyard remodel? Both of my hands are raised high!

I love a great backyard. They are my absolute favorites. They can be a fun place to host dinner parties, have friends or family over, or simply hang out and play games, read or relax. I find that I am drawn to a house more if the backyard is an oasis. That being said, I am currently pining¬†over Julianne Hough’s new remodel with Joss & Main!

Her description of what she wanted her yard to look like was “something earthy, natural and fresh, but also young, modern and inviting.” If I could pick a sentence to describe what I want in my home, this would explain it perfectly!

Everything she has is located at I see they have some great sales going on, so head on over and pick out your favorites! I know I am, with a little convincing of the hubby of course. ūüôā


Photo Cred: Justin Coit


Photo Cred: Justin Coit


Photo Cred: Justin Coit


Photo Cred: Justin Coit


Photo Cred: Justin Coit


Photo Cred: Justin Coit


8 Storage Ideas For Your Pots + Pans

Keeping pots and pans organized is very difficult. Am I the only one who thinks this? Normally my cabinet looks super cluttered, with everything thrown on top of each other. Eventually, it turns into a huge messy pile,¬†and¬†I can’t even find which lid goes to which pot! Now that is bad.

I have compiled a great list of storage ideas for your pots and pans. These will¬†definitely¬†help with ¬†my storage problems. ūüôā I hope they help with yours too!


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5 Entryway Ideas For A Stylish Home

We all love an attractive entryway. After all, it is the first thing people see when they enter your home and it can set the tone for the rest of your house. I pulled together some of my favorites that I would have in my own place. We are moving soon, so I am trying to find the perfect ideas for decorating our new place!

Let me know what you guys think! ūüôā


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Have you guys noticed a common theme going on?

I love plants and all things green! Adding a plant to a space brightens up a room and adds a sense of peace. Skinny tables, small benches, or round tables keep the entryway clutter-free, along with adding style to the space. All of these ideas use minimal decor, which I think is great. Having too many items when you first walk in a house can immediately seem too crowded. Keep it fresh and simple!

Happy Friday!

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Small Bathroom Storage Lifesavers

Since we are moving soon, I am really excited to start fresh with our decor. I have been on Pinterest nonstop to find ways to make our home look and feel better. I especially love looking at storage, organizational, and minimalistic decorating ideas on Pinterest. I have pulled together some of my favorite bathroom storage ideas that might help out with that small bathroom (or large bathroom) that you have. I hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you guys think and any storage ideas you have!

Heart Jenn >> Under the sink storage is so important. If you have open shelving, then I think you have some great opportunity to play with the appearance of your storage (I LOVE open shelving). >> I love the curtain under the sink. It hides your storage, as well as adding a feminine and decorative touch.


IMG_4491e-2done3-1024x826¬†>> This is one of my favorites! It’s an attractive way to store your beauty products, instead of having them spread out on the counter.

Small Bathroom Chic- Tranquil, Spa-Inspired Accessories from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod 6 >> These bring a sauna feel to a room. You can store cotton balls, bath salts, scrubs, soaps and anything else you can think of in these jars. Make them look pretty! >> This is a smart idea for a small bathroom. It is so cute and decorative, as well as provides a spot to store many items. Taking off some baskets would also allow you to hang some towels from the ladder and store your beauty products in the baskets. >> These bring a cottage feel to a bathroom. You can hang them in a unique display on the wall and set anything decorative inside! >> This is another one of my favorites. It is slim and chic which keeps the bathroom from looking cluttered. This is a must for a small bathroom!


5 Tips + Tricks for Spice Storage

I have always wondered how to store our spices. We have them shoved into a cabinet in the smallest space possible so as to not take up much room. We always have to pull half of them out in order to find the one we want to use. How annoying! I scanned¬†Pinterest to find my top 5¬†for you guys! I love these because they look amazing and they are super convenient to use. We will definitely be using one of these ideas when we move to our new home in Alabama. ūüôā

I found the first 2¬†via¬†Amber’s¬†blog,¬†My List of Lists.

How do you guys store your spices? I’d love to hear about some of your ideas!

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