Alabama Strawberry Picking

Tony and I had some free time after work the other day, so we figured, why not go strawberry picking? The cutest little farm is down the road from us with local, organic fruits and veggies. They give you the option of picking your own strawberries (or whatever is in season) or grabbing a basket of already picked ones. Who wants to miss out on the fun of picking? Not us!

I have never been strawberry picking before, unless I went when I was little and that’s a given that I wouldn’t remember that. Sorry mom and dad! We had such a fun time, picked the best tasting strawberries EVER, so I thought I would share some pictures from our outing!

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The Miracle Bed in a Box

Ahh, the infamous Bed in a Box..

We gave in.

Before I start explaining my love for this bed, I would like to say that this is not a sponsored post.

That being said, I LOVE THIS BED!

We were a little hesitant about buying one. Who wants to spend that much money on something that they have never seen before? I say that, but this bed was still cheaper than every other king bed we looked at!

We went in to a few mattress stores and decided that we¬†couldn’t¬†decide on a bed. Does that make sense?¬†Everyone says that you should lay on a bed for at least¬†15 minutes because that is the actual time it takes for the bed to fully adjust to a person’s body. So, plopping down on a bed really quick¬†isn’t going to feel the same way than when you lay on it all night. Well, we¬†maybe¬†got to the one minute mark and then felt extremely awkward lounging out on the bed while the lady was oddly watching us. I also started thinking about everyone else that just sprawled out¬†on the bed before me and put their head on the very same pillow. Yuck!

Once we decided that trying out mattresses in the store wasn’t working for us, our only option was to listen to all of the other amazing bloggers that posted reviews on ordering a mattress in a box.

My thoughts?

Well for one, we cannot feel each other move on the bed. Zero movement. How great is that?! My back hurts often, so I needed a somewhat firmer bed. I also like comfort, so I didn’t want it to be too firm because I wanted to enjoy going to sleep. This bed is the perfect compromise. Immediately laying on it, it sort of feels a little firm. Then it just turns out to be so cozy. We love it and are incredibly happy with our purchase.

Let me know if you guys have ever purchased a bed online and how it turned out. ūüôā

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It does look a little rough, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. This box is EXTREMELY heavy, so I didn’t expect it to arrive in perfect condition!


This was when we finally got it into our bedroom. You can see the size of it compared to the door.


When we opened the box, this is how the mattress looked.


After taking the bag off, this is what it looked like. We had to cut the plastic off that was tightly surrounding it. I guess we were boring Ellie, haha!


After the plastic was cut off, we folded the mattress off so we could cut off the air tight seal covering it.


Now Ellie is interested in our project!


After cutting the seal off, the mattress almost instantly started expanding and growing. We had to hurry and cut the plastic off because it happened so quickly.


When it was completely out, it was sooo heavy, so it was hard to get the plastic out from underneath it, but we did it!


And this is the final product!


I’m back!

I posted maybe a month ago about possibly being MIA due to packing and moving, but I didn’t think I would be away from blogging this long!¬†So much has happened since we left Germany. We have been busier than we thought we would be. Busy traveling and visiting family, busy looking for a job (I have), and busy moving into our new place and buying furniture. We have loved every minute of it, even though a lot of it has been super stressful!

I hope that all of you guys are still with me,and know that I am still here!

Posts and pictures to come soon. ūüôā

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Valentine’s Day Card Giveaway

Giveaway time! Who doesn’t have the perfect card for their loved one yet? I’ve got you covered! Check out these adorable greeting cards on my sister’s Etsy page, here. Options for the giveaway are posted below.

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il_570xN.917230242_bmmiGiveaway Rules:

  1. Follow my Instagram and like my Facebook page.
  2. Comment below with your favorite Valentine’s Day¬†card, pictured above.

That’s it! Easy peasy.¬†Winner will receive a free card of their choosing!

Giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight EST. I will contact the winner. ūüôā

Good luck!

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Cute Dog Commercial Alert – Super Bowl Ad

Throughout the year, we complain about annoying commercials or fast forward through them to get back to our television show. But oh, when Super Bowl Sunday comes around, we simply cannot get enough! If only they played these year round…

Here is some cuteness overload for you. Spare a minute of your day today and enjoy this video. If this doesn’t make you happy, remember, tomorrow is Friday!

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