7 Braids You Will Want To Do Right Now

Raise your hand if you know how to do a regular braid and that is all you can do!

I am right there with you guys… I definitely need to up my braiding game. Like, yesterday.

I tend to “get by” with doing my hair, but that means always doing the same thing. I am not much of an experimenter, because I tend to get stressed when I can’t get a hairstyle to work for me on the first try. Since I can’t get it on the first try, my hair gets all funky because I’ve been playing with it for awhile, and my whole good hair day goes down the drain. Bummer!

I am constantly checking out Amber Fillerup Clark’s braids at Barefootblonde.com, and she makes it seem SO incredibly easy. Why not give hers a try?!

Below, I am adding my favorite braids, from Amber’s site to ones I found on Pinterest. This might be a far stretch, but I think these could all be doable. Just give me an entire day off to experiment, and then maybe I can get these braids down.

If I ever do, I will be sure to post. 🙂

Heart Jenn



12 thoughts on “7 Braids You Will Want To Do Right Now

  1. I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything says:

    Hi, if you like her, you should check out the YouTuber Kayley Melissa.
    She does lots of simple ‘Week worth of Heatless Hairstyle’ videos.
    I ‘attempted’ do her 7 days of ponytails, but I edited Friday.

    If you want to check out my ‘attempts’, this is the link to my post.

    Trust me, I am with you with the ‘I can only do 1 type of braid’, but Kayley really helps and her videos are very straight forward and she gives step by step instructions, so I went from knowing 1 hairstyle to knowing 10!

    I hope that if you do decide to check her out then she gives you a lot of help!

    This is the link to her channel! 😃



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