Why blog?

Because I get to share amazing things with all of you!

I have been tossing and turning every night, racking my brain with possible career paths I want to follow. I think about it from the moment I wake up to the moment I try to go to sleep. Eventually, I had a light bulb moment. Or many light bulb moments that led to one big, light bulb moment.

Moment 1: DIY

I love to find treasures at the thrift store or scour for unwanted items..let’s just say elsewhere, and turn them into something amazing.

One of our masterpieces is this old, wooden picnic table and bench that we found. Along with A LOT of TLC, we turned it into a country chic, dining room table.

I also had a temporary, and still present, obsession with pallet projects. We made a rustic coffee table which just might be our favorite thing we own.

Moment 2: Interior Decorating

I have also found that while I may not love cleaning, I love to have a house for presentation.

What do I mean by this, exactly? I mean that I love to have centerpieces on the dining table, a chic coffee table presentation, and blankets perfectly accentuating our couches.

I am all for providing a welcoming home. Too often I will change the layout of a room in our apartment before Tony returns home from work. And yes, he thinks I am crazy.

Moment 3: Life

Food, travel, day to day. Because why not?

Why blog about food? Because it’s awesome. I am not a chef, but I am trying to learn how to tweak recipes to make them my own. I recently have been very big into finding healthy alternatives to a lot of the meals we make, including desserts (YUM). I know I will love to share all of my favorite recipes and experiments with you! I hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

As for travel and day to day:

I have been living in Germany for 2 years and Tony and I have been fortunate enough to travel to lots of amazing places. I would love to share these moments with you guys as well!

Moment 4: Beauty

Beauty is a very broad topic for me.

I look to makeup as creativity, love to make homemade products, and desire to live a “green” life with all of these things.

I am always searching for alternatives that are safe and healthy to use, as well as finding the most affordable products out there. I hope I can share some insight with you!


So, the big light bulb moment you ask? BLOGGING! Why not share all of my passions with a community that could potentially share the exact same passions as me? If all else fails, maybe I can learn a thing or two from you. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Heart Jenn