Alabama Strawberry Picking

Tony and I had some free time after work the other day, so we figured, why not go strawberry picking? The cutest little farm is down the road from us with local, organic fruits and veggies. They give you the option of picking your own strawberries (or whatever is in season) or grabbing a basket of already picked ones. Who wants to miss out on the fun of picking? Not us!

I have never been strawberry picking before, unless I went when I was little and that’s a given that I wouldn’t remember that. Sorry mom and dad! We had such a fun time, picked the best tasting strawberries EVER, so I thought I would share some pictures from our outing!

#shoplocal 🙂

Heart Jenn

13072083_10205958943163765_1245812916_o (1) 13072988_10205958942883758_1992284067_o (1) 13078072_10205955924368297_1141249551_o (1) 13073151_10205958943683778_377920133_o (1) 13052559_10205955924208293_1417164482_o (1) 13090582_10205955924048289_651010550_o (1)



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