Small Bathroom Storage Lifesavers

Since we are moving soon, I am really excited to start fresh with our decor. I have been on Pinterest nonstop to find ways to make our home look and feel better. I especially love looking at storage, organizational, and minimalistic decorating ideas on Pinterest. I have pulled together some of my favorite bathroom storage ideas that might help out with that small bathroom (or large bathroom) that you have. I hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you guys think and any storage ideas you have!

Heart Jenn >> Under the sink storage is so important. If you have open shelving, then I think you have some great opportunity to play with the appearance of your storage (I LOVE open shelving). >> I love the curtain under the sink. It hides your storage, as well as adding a feminine and decorative touch.


IMG_4491e-2done3-1024x826 >> This is one of my favorites! It’s an attractive way to store your beauty products, instead of having them spread out on the counter.

Small Bathroom Chic- Tranquil, Spa-Inspired Accessories from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod 6 >> These bring a sauna feel to a room. You can store cotton balls, bath salts, scrubs, soaps and anything else you can think of in these jars. Make them look pretty! >> This is a smart idea for a small bathroom. It is so cute and decorative, as well as provides a spot to store many items. Taking off some baskets would also allow you to hang some towels from the ladder and store your beauty products in the baskets. >> These bring a cottage feel to a bathroom. You can hang them in a unique display on the wall and set anything decorative inside! >> This is another one of my favorites. It is slim and chic which keeps the bathroom from looking cluttered. This is a must for a small bathroom!


2 thoughts on “Small Bathroom Storage Lifesavers

  1. Lauren Schlothauer says:

    So excited to see how everything turns out! We’re in a rental now so there’s not much we can do to permanently alter anything but I’m looking forward to redecorating once we’re in a bigger place:) Best of luck!


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