10 Unique DIY Nightstands

Since moving into our new place, I am extremely picky about what furniture we decide to decorate with. When we lived in Germany, I mostly checked the..dumpsters.. as well as thrift stores. And no, I didn’t go into the dumpsters! I just snatched up the pieces that were set in front of it to be trashed. 🙂 I loved finding pieces of unwanted furniture or decorations that I could fix up and turn into something amazing. A lot of it ended up being things I couldn’t exactly fix up, but would make our place feel more like home.

So here in Alabama, we didn’t have that many pieces of furniture or decorations because we tossed the majority of it before heading this way.

One thing that I have been on a mission to get are nightstands. Every time I find one that is a potential winner, the price tag usually sends it to the loser stack. When did furniture become so expensive? This led me down the path of Pinterest to search for DIY projects. And boy, do I love those!

I have included some of my favorites below. I will post the outcome, once I choose which one we decide will work best in our new bedroom. I am excited to get started on something!

Have you guys ever made a nightstand? If so, send me some pictures and give me some advice!

Heart Jenn


From Designer Erinn Valencich via hgtv.com

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