Travel Guide : How to Pack Light

When it got closer to the date for us to go on our Ireland trip, I started to seriously stress about what to pack. How many jackets do I need to bring? Is it going to be freezing? Is it going to be hot? Is it going to rain the whole time? Do I need nice outfits to wear to dinner? Of course I want to have picture-worthy outfits, but I also wanted to dress for the weather. How in the heck do you dress for Ireland weather? That’s when I turned to Pinterest, yet again. Pinterest is seriously my life saver.

My whole life, whenever I traveled, I would always grab my largest suitcase, and I mean large, and fill it to the top with my favorite pairs of shoes and my most cherished articles of clothing. Little did I know, this is a huge mistake. I wouldn’t even wear half of the things I brought. I found myself sticking to maybe a pair or two of shoes and I would always reach for certain articles of clothing that are my necessities.

After moving to Germany, I realized I needed to make a change. I knew that if I would be traveling to all of these different countries, and only have a carry on, then I needed to simplify my packing and make it less stressful.

I have to say, Ireland was an extremely hard trip to pack for, but I made it through 8 days with everything I needed in my back pack. That is saying something, considering the weather there is always up and down. I guess you could say I am a pro now. 🙂

Below are my favorite sites that helped me with my packing process. I hope you guys find some of these helpful in your time of need!

Heart Jenn

ScreenShot2013-10-22at3.48.48PM >> This one helped me especially with Ireland. She gives great tips for how to pack for unexpected weather.


54fecfc454533-ghk-suitcase-0807-yv6ahi-md >> 5 biggest mistakes you’re making packing for a trip



Avec Amour >> Great post, super helpful!



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