Meal Prep

Here we are again, another Monday. They’re the worst, aren’t they? One way to help make a week easier is by meal prepping. I have to admit, I have only done this maybe once or twice and have never stuck with it. Maybe it’s because I’m not doing it right, or maybe because I feel like it takes up the majority of my Sunday to prep for the week. But taking a couple hours one day to meal prep definitely saves time during the days to come!

I started on Sunday to prep for green smoothies and lunches, because those are the hardest things for me to do during the week. I know smoothies are supposed to be quick and easy, but getting all of the ingredients together everyday, then blending, just takes up a lot of time for me. And for lunches? I can never decide on what to do for a healthy lunch. That is not an easy decision for me!

For the smoothies, I did a variety of different fruits with 2 cups of spinach. I’m hoping that changing up the flavor during the week will help me stick with it! I went to Hello Glow and found some great smoothie ideas. I prepped for the week in quart-sized resealable freezer bags and popped them in the freezer in no time! Today was super easy when it was time to have my smoothie. I just dumped the whole bag into the blender and it was ready in a matter of minutes.

For the lunches, I made turkey and quinoa stuffed peppers. I LOVE stuffed peppers. You can get an incredibly nutritious meal from these things. Tony and I have done this numerous times for dinners, but I decided to do it for my lunches this week. I try to eliminate bread where I can, because I can be pretty obsessed. Stuffed peppers is a great solution to this. A Food Centric Life has an awesome recipe that I used for the week. Check it out!

In case any of you were wondering, it all turned out to be SO good!

Do you guys meal prep? I’d love to know what you do! 🙂

Heart Jenn


7 thoughts on “Meal Prep

  1. Julia says:

    Great post and awesome ideas! I used to be much better about sunday meal prep, but I’ve been very lax in the New Year. Thanks for the inspiration to get back to it!


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