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I have been doing that 21 day workout that I posted about a week ago. I have a hard time finding motivation for workouts that I think up in my head, because I know I can easily skip it or stop when it gets hard. Who would know if I cheated? So I decided to try this 21 day workout to see if that helped me stick with my routine. I just finished the first week, and I actually started the first day of the second week today. I have to say, I am feeling great!

I love knowing exactly what I am doing when I go into the gym. I normally go at the same time Tony goes, and I use to dread it, simply for the fact that I know he has a routine and will be in there for at least an hour. That means I have to think of stuff to do for an hour too! I always felt pressured to use random machines, do extra abs, or run for a little bit longer, just to hit the hour mark. Now, I am confident when I go to the gym because I know exactly what I am there for and I work hard to complete my workout for the day. Plus, I always seem to finish at the same time as Tony. 🙂

Do you guys have any routines you stick with that help you stay motivated? I would love to hear about them!

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