Tips Every Blogger Should Know

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I came across a great article recently that every blogger should read. I know it’s hard sometimes to stay motivated, especially when you have that comfortable couch and tv in sight (am I right?). The important thing to remember is that you are working, or having fun, and you need to stay productive! I was browsing and found the perfect article by Kristen Egan that will help all of you out! She interviewed Tricia Sciortino, President of eaHELP, about these five things that will allow you to work from home and be crazy productive.

1. Over-Communicate: Communicate with a team member or people that are making your business thrive. This allows you to feel like you are apart of something and not secluded to your quiet house.

2. Treat your days like an office work day (with a start and an end): I think this one is especially important. working from home can allow you to work all day, at any time you want, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. When you go to an office, you have specific hours for your work day. When you work from home, you need to set those hours so you can dedicate some much needed time to family!

DSC_13443. Set social media check-in times: If social media IS your job, then disregard this one. But make sure that you aren’t just browsing the internet or scrolling through Instagram when you should be focusing on working!

4. Make sure any workspace looks and feels like your office: You don’t want to be sitting in a messy house, trying to do work, when all you are thinking about is cleaning! Try to keep a clean area that allows you to focus all of your time on work.

5. Calendar like crazy: This allows you to stay on top of things as well as not missing out on the important moments in your life!



Head on over and check out the full article, here!

What do you guys do to stay productive?!

Heart Jenn


25 thoughts on “Tips Every Blogger Should Know

  1. Julia says:

    Great post! I find it really helpful to keep a content calendar. I plan out posts and do outlines in advance. It also helps me map out when I’m going to fit blogging into my schedule, since I also have a regular 9 – 5 job. Speaking of calendars, I was so closet to get that same Rifle Paper Co. planner – but I went with one from Sugar Paper instead. It was a tough choice though 😉
    xoxo J


  2. Sofia B. says:

    Great article, makes very important points about blogging! Thank you for liking our article and congrats for such an interesting blog!


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