Ibiza, Spain Itinerary

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Where to start?! Ibiza was an incredible trip. It was the first stop on our Spain trip (Barcelona was next), and we absolutely loved it! We wanted this part of our trip to be more relaxing, because we had a lot we wanted to see in Barcelona. We did stuff everyday, but we also spent a lot of time lounging on the beach. 🙂

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort and got to enjoy the beautiful beach in the cove. The resort was absolutely perfect and we had breathtaking views from our balcony, but it was a little far from everything else! Also, the food could have been a little better, but the location was very serene and relaxing and nothing can beat that! They have buses right outside the resort that you can take across the island (It isn’t as far as you might think) to get to the other towns and beaches. We were able to see Bora Bora Beach Club, which was way overpriced but still cool to see! We also took a bus to the Hippy Market for a day trip, which we loved. They sell all sorts of unique things and have fresh juices and food. Overall, Ibiza was a great experience that we will never forget!

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