Rifle Paper Co. 2016 Planner

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I am so excited that my 2016 planner came in the mail! I am obsessed with planning, making lists, and staying organized. I think I searched for a few days straight to find the perfect planner. Crazy? Maybe so. But, they either had way too many additions added in that I would have never used, or they weren’t organized in a way that was simple to me! I finally found one that was recommended on a bunch of different websites, so I decided to give in and order it. It came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited – Tony can testify to that.

This one is a great size, it is light-weight, and it is super cute! It has tabs which make getting to each category very accessible and easy. It has weekly and monthly sections, and has a spot for notes, contacts, holidays and important dates. It also has a pocket in the back to store any loose paper you may have. I cannot wait to start using it!

In other words, I recommend it. 🙂

Heart Jenn


10 thoughts on “Rifle Paper Co. 2016 Planner

  1. Julia says:

    I’m obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. (in case you couldn’t tell by this post: bit.ly/1QVoK9d). The designs are so lovely and products are awesome quality. I’m obsessed with lists as well, and I was so close to going with the same planner you chose (after several weeks of searching-so no, not crazy), but I ending up going with a planner from Sugar Paper that just worked a bit better for me in terms of how it was laid out. Tough call, though.


  2. Lauren Schlothauer says:

    I hope you enjoy your new planner! Getting to fill in all of the content is actually something I thoroughly enjoy:) Mine’s cute I just got it from Target but maybe next year I’ll consider one from this company. How funny that we’re both planner nerds lol


  3. thoughtsbysammy says:

    I’m a little confused.. Where did you buy it? I’m obsessed with having a lot of stuff planned out, so getting one of those would help a lot. 🙂

    xx Sam


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