Cameron Diaz : The Body Book Review

I thought this would be the perfect post to share with all of you in the new year. I have had this book for awhile now and am now reaching the end (sadly). I have been trying to drag it out for as long as possible because it is so powerful and I love it! It has been my go-to for so many things. It has helped me change my lifestyle into a healthier one and enabled me to become a stronger person on the inside and outside.

If you haven’t read The Body Book, or even heard about it until now, I recommend getting it ASAP. I don’t really buy books from celebrities, but when I do, I want one that is going to have an impact on me. I want one that is going to light a fire in my soul and inspire me to feel better and to do better.

The Body Book is very informative in an easy to read way. It provides facts about health, healthy living, and your body, but in a way that makes it fun to read. You can definitely see Cameron Diaz’s personality come out in every sentence in this book. This is one of the main reasons I love it. You can tell she put her heart and her soul into this book in order to help you feel amazing about your body.

The main point is to love your body. We are all made in our own unique way, and she helps the reader understand that. She makes you want more from your body. Your body is not made to sit on the couch and watch tv all day. Your body is made to be strong, to be in motion, and to push itself to the limit. Once you read this book, you will know what your body expects from you and you will do everything in your power to make that happen, I promise!

Can you tell I love it yet?

Let me know what you guys think! Have you read this book?

Heart Jenn


8 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz : The Body Book Review

  1. pursuitofanewadventure says:

    Thanks for the reference, Jenn! I’m turning 31 in less than 2 weeks and not to brag but people still think I’m 20 therefore I’ve never tried to take care of myself. But I got sick of being fatigued and moody as a result of my poor diet. If veggies tasted like cake I’d eat them more 😉 Anyways, I’m totally gonna check out this book now that you referred it because I’ve been taking care of myself the last few months and this will be my best year yet! Plus Cameron D. is from the LBC like I am haha!

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