2016 is just around the corner.. literally. We are so excited for what is to come this year, we can hardly contain it! But first, I want to reminisce about everything that happened in 2015. This has been the most wonderful year for us. We have been able to visit some incredible places (Ireland, Greece, and Amsterdam are among the top) and made lasting friendships. We have grown as a couple and as individuals, and we owe that all to God. He is the sole purpose we do anything that we do. 🙂

One great thing that is happening in 2016? We are moving back to the United States! We are beyond happy to live in the south and be within driving distance to family and friends. As blessed as we have been these past few years, to see the places we have seen, we have felt so disconnected from our loved ones. Because of this, we are so excited to be moving to Alabama!

So, we want to thank 2015 and welcome 2016 with open arms!

Heart Jenn


Photo Quality Cred: My Cell Phone

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