New Holiday Traditions For Couples


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Tony and I have been together and married for three Christmases now! And they have all been celebrated in Germany. Say what?!

We are trying to incorporate new traditions every year to find out what should stick for the long haul. It is difficult because we are living in Germany, away from friends and family. Despite this, we are determined to make these traditions last!

My family has always had traditions for the holidays.. and I love them! I love knowing that my family is unique in what they do, along with every other family out there. The idea of starting new traditions with my husband is so fun!

This year we started a new tradition of ornament making (I posted about this a couple days ago). We kind of did it on a whim, and it turned out to be a blast! The kid in us, and artists, came out in no time. Every year when we get out the ornaments and hang them on our tree, we will remember what we were doing the year before and the memories will come flowing in! Next year, we might even have an ornament decorating party. How fun would that be?

Last year, we had an amazing Christmas party. We made tons of goodies for everyone and invited all of our friends to celebrate the holidays. I know this will be a tradition that will last. Maybe each year it will have a different theme? The possibilities are endless!

Christmas Tradition Ideas to start:

>>New Christmas PJs every year

>>Donating food and buying presents for people in need

>>Volunteering at a soup kitchen and/or ringing the bell for The Salvation Army

>>Cookie decorating party

>>Make an advent calendar

>>Gingerbread making party

I think all of these would be fun, new traditions to start as a couple!

What are some of your traditions?

Heart Jenn

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