Your Room and Windows Can Appear Larger With This Simple Tip

Want to be let in on the secret?

Hang your curtains from the ceiling. That’s it! You’re welcome :).

I was scrolling on Pinterest and came across a few great pictures on some great blogs to show you what I am talking about!

The first one is a picture by Shauna Mailloux on her blog, Beautiful Matters


Photo Cred: Shauna Mailloux via her blog, Beautiful Matters

Does your bathroom look too small and definitely not inviting? I know many bathrooms have a curtain rod already installed, at a very low height.

Simple fix: Double shower curtains!

Install another rod at the top of the shower or on the ceiling, and hang a decorative curtain.

Doesn’t this bathroom look amazing? Good job Shauna!

The second one I came across is on Simple Details Blog.


Photo Cred: Jennifer Schoenberger via Simple Details Blog

This curtain is simply and elegantly displayed. See how the right curtain at the right height can make the whole room seem bigger?

The third one I came across is on the How Does She blog.

A simple rule of thumb to follow:


Photo Cred: Caley Via How Does She blog.

Here is the perfect example from The Nesting Place.


Photo Cred: The Nesting Place

And don’t forget to have the curtain touch the floor!

Heart  Jenn


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