Holiday Ornament Making Party



Last night, my husband came home with some goodie bags accompanied with a great idea. Ornament making! We are trying to build our memorable ornament stash, so why not make some of our own? Not only will we have some ornaments made by talented artists (just a dream), but we will have the memories of the night forever. Win, win!

When I was younger, I remember making ornaments in school around the holidays to give to my parents. I am sure you all remember that too! That is, you making ornaments for your parents, not mine. :p Anyway, my parents still hang those ornaments to this day. Quite an artist, if I must say so myself. Or maybe they hang it for the memory? Either way, it’s fun!

After Elf, my all time favorite Christmas movie, was playing, we were ready to start on the ornaments!

  1. Gather supplies (Most of these are optional and are only needed depending on what you make!):
    • 4 glass ornaments
    • Acrylic paint pack
    • “Snow” (to put in the ornaments)
    • Tiny paintbrushes
    • Glue (for the glitter)
    • Painter’s tape
    • Glitter
    • Water bowl (for the paintbrushes)
    • Paper towels
    • Twine
  2. Lay out some paper towels on the floor, so as to not make a mess.
  3. Spread all of your supplies out so you can see what you’re working with.
  4. Look up some cute ideas on Pinterest, or do whatever your artistic self desires!
  5. Using twine, tie them up around some garland to dry.


Also, they look incredibly cute hanging from the garland, so you might to keep them there. I know we will!




Making ornaments is so fun and so easy, even Ellie can do it. 🙂

Make some of your own and let me know what you guys think!

Heart Jenn




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