Combat Dry Skin During the Winter





Do you suffer from severe dry skin during the winter? Do you use all brands of lotion and moisturizers and nothing helps? Do I sound like a commercial yet? Well, I am here to tell you that I am not going to sell you on anything. What I am going to do is give you my one, tried and true method, that you can make right now at home. In fact, I am sure all of you have these TWO items in your pantry. That’s right, TWO!

I am talking Olive oil and sugar. The most magical, homemade scrub out there. I am pretty biased, only because this is the only scrub I have made, and the only scrub I need to make. I even got a certain someone hooked. 🙂

I am a huge advocate for making affordable, natural beauty products. I will search for hours on the internet to find ways to substitute all of my store bought products to ones that I can make at home. I do this for the affordability, the naturalness, (is this a word?) and the fact that I have sensitive, dry skin. This specific scrub has been a true lifesaver.

I buy a large container of olive oil that I can use for my experiments with DIY beauty products at home. Any kind of olive oil will do. I personally buy extra virgin olive oil. And for the sugar? Any kind will do. I am trying to step away from using sugar in my baking recipes, so I happily use this for my body scrub.

Find a mason jar, or any cute jar you can find, and fill it up with olive oil and sugar. I do this so often that I don’t measure out how much of each I put in the jar. Just make sure the consistency is a good scrub consistency. Meaning, you get equal parts olive oil and sugar. Just make sure it isn’t too thick from the sugar or too thin from the olive oil.

I keep the jar on the edge of my shower so it is easily accessible. I use the scrub while I am in the shower so I can easily rinse it off. Using olive oil in the shower is ULTRA hydrating for your skin. In fact, using any moisturizer or lotion immediately after the shower is the way to go to get the best hydration. But using the scrub in the shower makes it incredibly quick and easy to rinse off and go!

You may feel a little oily from the scrub, and it may feel like it hasn’t fully come off. This is OK! That’s the feeling of hydration, my friends. I promise your body will feel like a newborn baby. That is, if you want to feel like a newborn baby.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Heart Jenn

2 thoughts on “Combat Dry Skin During the Winter

  1. Julia says:

    I’m definitely a proponent of natural, diy beauty products. I use coconut oil religiously and I’m obsessed with it. I need a good exfoliating scrub, though, so I may give this a try.


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